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New Zealand Hybrids T - Z

Some of the information listed on these pages is provisional. Please contact the following persons with corrections:
Brian Coker email: or Joy O’Keefe email:

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New Zealand Rhododendron Registrations 
 (including those registered directly with RHS)

Name Parentage Hybridiser / Raiser /
Introducer/ Named by /
R. 'Taieri Flame' 'Lem's Cameo' X 'Pacific Queen' Hutchison, Mr Lew A  
R. 'Taieri Monarch' 'Blue Ensign' X 'Lem's Monarch' Hutchison, Mr Lew A  
R. 'Taieri Sunset' 'Hotei' X ('Lem's Cameo' x 'Colonel Coen') Hutchison, Mr Lew A  
R. 'Taunton ruffles' 'One Thousand Butterflies' X arboreum (pink form) Sligh, Mr Barry  
R. 'Taunton Sunrise' 'Lem's Cameo' X 'Coker's Pink' Sligh, Mr Barry
R. 'Te Harinui' selected form of maddenii subsp. Maddenii Canterbury Rhododendron Society  
R. 'Temple Gold' 'Jalisco' X 'Crest' Temple, Mrs Marie
R. 'Thatcher's Red' unknown Thatcher, Mrs V F  
R. 'The Bridge' unknown seedling Coker, Mrs A M / Mr & Mrs A G Holmes  
R. 'The Dream' Loderi group seedling Coker, Mrs A M  
R. 'Thoron Hollard' macabeanum X unknown Jury, Mr Les / Bernard Hollard
R. 'Tinker Bell' williamsianum X 'Penjerrick' NZRA / Mrs J S Clyne  
R. 'Tolcarne' thought to be a boothii seedling Rutland, Mr Heaton (introduced by) / Dunedin Rhododendron Group  
R. 'Touch of Class' agastum X 'Tally Ho' Coker, Mrs A M  
R. 'Triple' unknown Hollard, Mr Bernard  
R. 'Tui' edgeworthii hybrid X unknown Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust  
R. 'Tupare' nuttallii X lindleyi Stead, Mr E / Sir Russell Matthews / G F Smith Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust  
R. 'Vicki Harris' 'Crest' X 'Ilam Orange' NZRA / Mr A J Harris
R. 'Vicky J' wardii (Rock form) open-pollinated Jago, Mrs Erica  
R. 'Victorian Ruffles' 'Viennese Waltz' X 'Kubla Khan' Sligh, Mr Barry  
R. 'Vivia Ward' chance seedling from USA seed Holmes, Mr A G
R. 'Waipuna' simiarum X yakushimanum Kehr, A E (USA) / Os Blumhardt  
R. 'Waireka' 'Lovelock' X ciliatum Campbell, Mr B W  
R. 'Waxeye' Loderi group seedling Coker, Mrs A M / Mr & Mrs A G Holmes
R. 'Wesley Hayes' arboreum X unknown Hayes, Mrs Winifred (from USA seed)  
R. 'Whipped Cream' unknown Coker, Mrs A M
R. 'White Doves' scopulorum X formosum var. inaequale Jury, Mr F M 
R. 'White Gift' probably derived from ciliipes Smith, Mr Graham  
R. 'White Linen' 'Unique' X 'Lemon Lodge' Sligh, Mr Barry
R. 'White Petticoats' 'Lem's Cameo' X 'Whipped Cream' Sligh, Mr Barry  
R. 'White Sails' unknown Coker, Mrs A M  
R. 'White Waves' nuttallii X lindleyi x dalhousiae Braafladt, Mr H J (USA )/ Mr Graham Smith  
R. 'William King' 'Gladys' X 'Ilam Canary' King, Mrs L M / Mr S M King / H W King & Co Ltd
R. 'Yakday' yakushimanum X 'May Day' NZRA / Mrs R Pinney  


Unregistered New Zealand Hybrids

Name Parentage Hybridiser/Raiser/Introducer/
Named by
R. 'Tudor Ruffles' ‘Naomi Hope’ x ‘Mollie Coker’ H. Jonathan Somers  
R. 'Van Dec' ‘Van Nes Sensation’ x decorum Ewan Perrott  
R. Wallis Unique' Unknown Wallis Nurseries  
R. 'White Mice' calimorphum hybrid H. Mrs Boswell
R. 'Wynne Rayner' Unknown R. Harold Marchant  
R. yakushimanum 'College Form'   Massey College selection
R. 'Yellow Moon' macabeanum x ‘Unique’ Dr. J.S. Yeates