The New Zealand Rhododendron Association (NZRA) was formed in 1944 and was incorporated in August 1945. The objects of the Association were :-

  • To act as a common meeting ground for Rhododendron enthusiasts

  • To encourage the cultivation, the study and the improvement of Rhododendrons by such means as the Association see fit.

In 2005 the rules were updated and the objects are now as follows:-

  • To promote, aid, foster, develop, and protect the interests of Rhododendron gardening and cultivation in New Zealand by whatever means the Association may think fit.

  • To be the umbrella co-ordinating body for Regional Rhododendron Groups with regard to national and international matters relating to Rhododendron gardening, and cultivation.

  • To promote and organise activities that assist networking amongst members, and others in related fields, and to generally promote the public interest in Rhododendron gardening and cultivation.

  • To undertake activities including the investment in real and intellectual property that assists the attainment of the objects of the Association.

  • To encourage the cultivation, study, research and improvement of Rhododendrons by such means as the NZRA shall from time to time see fit.

  • To enter into arrangements, including contractual agreements and relationships with commercial and other parties, that assist the attainment of the objects of the Association.

  • To secure to those interested in New Zealand Rhododendron gardening and cultivation all the advantages of unanimity of action.

  • To create a feeling of unity amongst members of the Association throughout New Zealand.

  • To do all other things as may be deemed necessary to promote the rhododendron plant, and the interests of those involved in New Zealand rhododendron gardening and cultivation.

  • The Association is administered by the NZRA Council, consisting of eleven members from throughout New Zealand, elected based on geographic areas, plus immediate past president, the treasurer and the secretary.

The named images on this site are all New Zealand raised rhododendrons. The section on New Zealand hybrid rhododendrons will grow in time.