The New Zealand Rhododendron Association is a group of  Rhododendron enthusiasts, from those with little, to those with a wealth of knowledge of rhododendrons and indeed most plants.

Join us in locating, identifying and propagating NZ raised Rhododendron hybrids focusing on their historical importance.


Find out more about our ex situ species project which is focusing on recording species present in New Zealand and taking steps to ensure these species are not lost.


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Celebrating Rhododendrons at Rhodenza 2024


Geraldine and TImaru

Mark 29th October to 1st November in your calendar now.  To embark on a 'Rhododendron Odyssey' for the 78th Annual Conference, hosted in the picturesque location of Geraldine and Timaru.   Join us for an action-packed three days of beautiful gardens, amazing scenery, art, food, and great hospitality.

The 'Rhododendron Odyssey' registration pack is available NOW!

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Annual Rhodenza Rhododendron Conference and spectacular garden tours held in both North and South Islands

To celebrate Rhododendrons with others and to share knowledge and friendship

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Rhodendenza Taranaki 2023 Conference.

Mark 24-27 October in your calendar now and make sure you join us in the spring as we tour around Taranaki Maunga exploring a range of diverse and exceptional gardens.

Spend a day at Pukeiti taking in guided walks through the rhododendrons in the rainforest. Join us for workshops learning about pest and disease control options. Listen to our guest speaker, Steve Hootman, as he takes us on a journey into the wilds of the rhododendron world.

Rhodenza concludes on the opening day of the Centuria Taranaki Garden Festival, showcasing 43 quality gardens over ten days.

Make sure to watch this space for more details as they unfold.


New Zealand Hybrids and Registration


There are many named New Zealand hybrids widely distributed and readily available, however there are several that have not been registered. We encourage those who are associated with such plants to consider formally registering them in order to ensure that the name is protected and to provide a suitable provenance for future rhododendron growers.

A Practical Guide For Growing Rhododendrons

Here is your go to guide for everything to do with rhododendrons! A year in the life of a rhododendron.  All questions quickly answered like; when to feed, prune. How and when to combat insects or fungi.

Vireya Rhododendrons

Vireyas are a group of approx. species of rhododendrons which grow predominantly in tropical mountainous areas ranging from 1200 to 2400 metres. They can be found mostly in Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Papua New Guinea and North Queensland with some also in NE India and Vietnam. Most vireyas are epiphytic in cool montane forests but higher altitude species grow in the ground. Many species and hybrids flower more than once during the year.

Ex Situ Species Project

The ex situ  project is a collaborative initiative involving the Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust, Massey University, NZ Rhododendron Association, and Taranaki Regional Council. Its primary aim is to contribute to global ex situ conservation of threatened Rhododendron species by managing the 'New Zealand' Rhododendron collection.  In this project we collaborate with partner collections to cultivate rhododendrons on multiple sites throughout New Zealand.

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