Our temperate species project focuses on recording species present in New Zealand and taking steps to ensure that accessions are not lost from cultivation in this country.

To this end we are supporting a survey being performed by Dr Marion MacKay (Massey University) that is recording temperate species in cultivation in New Zealand. If your would like to contribute information to her database, please email Marion at: [email protected]. You can read about some of the outcomes to date of this survey that she reported at the International Rhododendron Species Conservation Conference here:, as well as other papers that were presented.

Others of us are taking steps to propagate temperate species that are not common in New Zealand, or represent single accessions from the wild. Please send us a message on our contact page if you know of plants that may be at risk because they are not commonly grown. We all know how easy it is to lose a precious plant during a drought or a storm and a plant shared with others via propagation is not gone forever. We can arrange for limited propagation of plants for the purpose of their conservation and for their cultivation at a garden other than your own.
A useful link to other work on rhododendron species conservation is:

R. scabrifolium

R. arboreum ssp. delavayi

R. barbatum Var.imberb

R. irroratum

R. arboreum ssp. zeylanicum


R. augustinii Glenfalloch Form
Photo: Courtesy of Cross Hills Nursery


R. burmanicum



R. cubittii

R. degronianum ssp. heptamerum Var. kyomaruense


R. kesangiae


R. suoilenhense

R. macabeanum FCC form

R. maddenii ssp. maddenii


R. morii


R. rex ssp. rex


R. falconeri ssp. falconeri collected wild in Sikkim as seed

Above photos except R. augustinii Glenfalloch Form courtesy of Susan Davies