Hybrids K – M

Some of the information listed on these pages is provisional. Please contact the following persons with corrections:
Brian Coker email: [email protected] or Joy O'Keefe email: [email protected]

R. 'Kaka'

R. ‘Kaka’

Parentage: griersonianum X 'Ilam Alarm' Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/...
R. 'Kaponga'

R. ‘Kaponga’

Parentage: arboreum kermesinum X 'Ivery's Scarlet' Hybridiser / Raiser /...

R. ‘Kapunatiki’

Parentage: 'Pacific Queen' X wardii Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/...
R. 'Katie'

R. ‘Katie’

Parentage: maddenii X 'Sirius' Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...

R. ‘Kimbolton Gold’

Parentage: 'Anna' X unnamed seedling No. 20 Hybridiser / Raiser...

R. ‘Kimbolton Yellow’

Parentage: 'Gold Mohur' X 'Ilam Apricot' Hybridiser / Raiser /...

R. ‘King Elliott’

Parentage: elliottii X 'Orchard' (Scarlet King Group) Hybridiser / Raiser...
R. 'King's Buff'

R. ‘King’s Buff’

Parentage: 'Earl of Athlone' X 'Lady Primrose' Hybridiser / Raiser...

R. ‘King’s Cerise’

Parentage: ponticum X griersonisanum Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...
R. 'King's Milkmaid'

R. ‘King’s Milkmaid’

Parentage: 'J G Millais' X 'Gladys' Hybridiser / Raiser /...

R. ‘King’s Party Dress’

Parentage: yakushimanum open pollinated Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...
R. 'King's Pink Glow'

R. ‘King’s Pink Glow’

Parentage: 'Peter Koster' X griersonianum Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/...

R. ‘Kit Collier’

Parentage: 'Ilam Orange' x 'Ilam Canary' X Lemon Lodge' Hybridiser...
R. 'Kiwi Majic'

R. ‘Kiwi Majic’

Parentage: yakushimanum x Dido seedling #1 X 'Lem's Cameo' Hybridiser...
R. 'Kotuku'

R. ‘Kotuku’

Parentage: selected form of maddenii Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/...


Name Parentage Hybridiser/Raiser/
Introducer/Named by
R. 'King's Cream' Unknown King's Nursery
R. 'King's Naomi' 'Aurora' x fortune King's Nursery
R. 'Kiwi Flash' 'The Master' x 'Whitney's Orange' J. Elliott
R. 'Kiwi Pearl' 'Kiwi Magic' x Nancy Evans' J. Elliott
R. 'Lady Galway' maddenii subsection hybrid Intro. by Mr Mason
R. 'Leighton Tasker' macabeanum hybrid H. Tasker
R. 'Les Jury' grande x griersonianum F. Jury
R. 'Lily No 7' Unknown
R. 'Little Jack Horner' yakushimanum x 'Sangreal' A. Yeates
R. 'Love Song' 'Catherine Collier' x nuttallii 'Stellata'  R. Gordon; Bill Robinson
R. 'macabeanum Ken Burns Form Ken Burns selection
R. 'Manapouri Sunrise' 'Cilpinense' seedling Bruce Campbell
R. 'Mayhills' 'Ilam Alarm' x 'Noyo Chief' Ewan Perrott
R. 'Merle Wilson' 'Fawn' x 'Crest' Eric Wilson, Cross Hills
R. 'Mollies Gift' yakushimanum hybrid Hyb. 'Mollie Coker'
R. 'Moon Orchid' polyandrum x 'Sirius' Felix Jury'