Register a new hybrid


Print off the registration form from this site (click here) and when completed send to The New Zealand Rhododendron Registrar, Brian Coker, 'Stoneycrop', 8B Barnsley Crescent, West Melton, Selwyn 7618.
Contact the Registrar if you require assistance. Registering through the New Zealand Registrar will ensure that the registration is not only included in the International Register maintained by the Royal Horticultural Society but the registration will also be included in the New Zealand Register and published in the Association's Bulletin.

Registration fees are $6 for a single registration and $3 each for multiple registrations being payable to the Registrar to cover the cost of postage and expenses.

Although a photograph is not essential it is appreciated if at least two photographs can be included with the registration. The International Registrar wishes to maintain a photographic record of registrations and it is hoped to build up a similar record as part of the New Zealand Register. An emailed digital photograph will also enable a digital database of photographs to be maintained.

In addition to the information on the registration form I would also like to know the situation of the principal plant being registered and any other plants that have been distributed. Also please advise if the plant is commercially available and if so through which nursery. This information will be valuable for anyone researching these plants in the future.

When researching the book 'Crossing the Rubicon' the editors found that many plants had been lost and if the whereabouts of the initial plants and extent of distribution had been known then this would have assisted the hunt for them.

There are many named New Zealand hybrids widely distributed and available that have not been registered. I encourage those who are associated with such plants to consider formally registering them in order to ensure that the name is protected and to provide a suitable provenance for future rhododendron growers.


  •  Registration Form

  •  Photographs

  •  Situation of plant(s) and where commercially available.

  •  Registration fee $6. Payment can be by cheque or direct credit. If you wish to direct credit phone Brian for bank details.

    New Zealand Rhododendron Registrar
    Brian Coker
    Stoneycrop, 8B Barnsley Crescent,
    West Melton, Selwyn 7618
    Phone 027 434 8383
    [email protected]