Hybrids A – C

Some of the information listed on these pages is provisional. Please contact the following persons with corrections:
Brian Coker email: [email protected] or Joy O'Keefe email: [email protected]


R. ‘Coker’s Pink’

Parentage: unknown Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named by /...
R. 'College Pink'

R. ‘College Pink’

Parentage: 'Noyo Chief' X unknown Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...
R. 'Coral Queen'

R. ‘Coral Queen’

Parentage: 'King of Shrubs'  X 'Fawn' x 'Dido' Hybridiser /...

R. ‘Cream Delight’

Parentage: chance burmanicum hybrid Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named by /...
R. 'Cream Supreme'

R. ‘Cream Supreme’

Parentage: 'Colonel Coen' X unknown Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/...

R. ‘Cream Surprise’

Parentage: 'Cream Glory' X 'Apricot Sherbert' Hybridiser / Raiser /...


Name Parentage Hybridiser/Raiser/Introducer/
Named by
R.'Alec Holmes' yakushimanum x unknown Mr and Mrs A.G. Holmes
'Glenfalloch Form'
R. 'Glenfalloch' Otago
R. augustinii 'JE Form' Selection J. E. Edmonston
R. augustinii 'Medlicott Form' Dr and Mrs Nan Medlicott
R. 'Barnsdale Park' 'Antonio' x 'Barnsdale Pink' Mr T. H. N. White
R. 'Ben Rayner' Unknown NZRA raised seedling
R. 'Bennett's Seedling' 'Loderi' x 'Beauty of Littleworth' Mr Bennett Dunedin
R. 'Bernard' Unknown Maybe Bernie Hollard
R. 'Birlington' maddenii subsection hybrid R. Maybe by Mrs Boswell
R. 'Bonnie Doone' Maybe 'Gold Mohur' x 'Ilam Apricot'
R. 'Canary Song' yakushimanum x  'Ilam Apricot' Colin Spicer
R. 'Catherine Collier' rhabdotum x 'Tupare' Gordon Collier
R. 'Catherine Trott' yakushimanum x dichroanthum A. Trott
R. 'Coker's Summertime' Unknown R. J. Coker
R. 'Coralee' 'Noyo Chief' x yakushimanum
R. 'Cornubia x grande Intro. By Westhurst Nursery
R. 'C.O.S.' Chance maddenii seedling George Huthnance
R. 'Cream Silk' Selected form of ciliicalyx
R. 'Cross Hills Lemon' 'Hotei' x ('Letty Edwards' x 'Hawk') Cross Hills
R. 'Cyril King' Unknown Possibly R & J Yeates