Hybrids D – G

Some of the information listed on these pages is provisional. Please contact the following persons with corrections:
Brian Coker email: [email protected] or Joy O'Keefe email: [email protected]


R. ‘Graham Holmes’

Parentage: chance seedling from USA seed Hybridiser / Raiser /...

R. ‘Grand Mystery’

Parentage: macabeanum X unknown Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...
R. 'Gwen Grant'

R. ‘Gwen Grant’

Parentage: 'Honey Glow' selfed Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...
R. 'Gwyneth Masters'

R. ‘Gwyneth Masters’

Parentage: unknown Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named by /...


Name Parentage Hybridiser/Raiser/
Introducer/Named by
R. 'Dainty Maiden' yakushimanum x 'Dainty' H.Mollie Coker R. Mrs Boswell
R. 'Danella' lindleyi nuttallii Cross Hills
R. 'decorum 'Yulong Snow' Blue Mountain Nurseries
R. 'Devonshire Tea' 'Bowbells' hybrid B. Morris, Riverwood Gardens
R. 'Elaine Rowe' macabeanum hybrid George Huthnance
R. 'Elizabeth Doncaster' 'Elizabeth' x 'Doncaster' Blue Mountain Nurseries
R. 'Elizabeth Mary Matthews' Unknown
R. 'Eric's Surprise' 'Scintillation' x 'Golden Star' Eric Wilson, Cross Hills
R. 'Eric's Triumph' dalhousiae x nuttallii x lindleyi Eric Wilson, Cross Hills
R. 'Floral Gift' 'Michael's Pride' x polyandrum Mark Jury
R. 'Floral Sun' sino-nuttallii x 'R W Rye' Mark Jury
R. 'Glenfalloch' griersonianum x'Ilam Alarm'
R. 'Glenfalloch Blue' augustinii or intracatum hybrid
R. Golden Flute' burmanicum hybrid Intro. By Riverwood Gardens
R. 'Graeme Hughes' 'Irene Stead' x 'Red Cloud' Margaret Hughes
R. 'Grand Duke' grande  x unknown Hollard/Jury/Huthnance/Davies
R. 'Grand Jury' grande x unknown Huthnance
R. 'Grand Marquis' Unknown
R. Grand Pearl' Unknown
R. 'Grandel' grande x delavayi Ewan Perrott