Hybrids N – S

Some of the information listed on these pages is provisional. Please contact the following persons with corrections:
Brian Coker email: [email protected] or Joy O'Keefe email: [email protected]


R. ‘Stead’s Best’

Parentage: nuttallii X lindleyi Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...
R. 'Stonelaw'

R. ‘Stonelaw’

Parentage: edgeworthii X burmanicum Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...

R. ‘Sunday Gloves’

Parentage: 'Viennese Waltz' X yakushimanum Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/...

R. ‘Sunset Lake’

Parentage: griersonianum X arboreum x decorum Hybridiser / Raiser /...

R. ‘Sunset Queen’

Parentage: griersonianum X arboreum x decorum Hybridiser / Raiser /...
R. 'Superman'

R. ‘Superman’

Parentage: 'Metternianum' X unknown Hybridiser / Raiser / Introducer/ Named...


Name Parentage Hybridiser/Raiser/Introducer/
Named by
R. Nancy Borthwick' 'Dido' x 'Ilam Apricot' Hyb. NZRA; R. Mr Pat Borthwick
R. Nancy Leigh' Unknown Mrs Irene Henry
R. 'Nosegay' Unknown Unknown
R. 'Nutress' griersonianum x 'Ilam Alarm'
R. 'Olwen's Dream 'Pacific Queen' x wardii Mrs. Gwen Grant and Mr L Grant'
R. Pania dichroanthum x unknown
R. 'Peggy Yeates' Unknown Hyb. J. Yeates; N. Ken Burns
R. 'Persian Lady' Same plant as 'Gordon Valley Supreme' Int. Ewan Perrott
R. 'Pink Cushion' yakushimanum F.C.C. x 'Mayday' Names by Ron Gordon
R. 'Pink Honner' Unknown Honner Family
R. 'Platinum Ice' augustinii x maddenii Mark Jury
R. 'Plum Duff' Unknown Mrs R. J. Coker
R. 'Pure White' dalhousiae x 'Elsie Frye' USA hybrid.N.by Graham Smith
R. 'Pukekura Park' Unknown
R. 'Queen's Park Hybrid' Unknown
R. 'Rachael' chlorops x 'King of Shrubs'
R. 'Red Felix' Unknown Eric Wilson
R. 'Red King' Unknown Jury's Nursery
R. 'Riverwood Cream' griffithianum x 'Crest' Brian Morris
R. 'Riverwood Regal' 'Mollie Coker' x Loderi g Brian Morris
R. 'Riverwood Regency' 'Ivan D Wood' hybrid Brian Morris
R. 'Roa Beauty' Unknown
R. 'Royal Lodge' 'Lemon Lodge' x 'Crest' Gordon Collier
R. russatum KB
R. 'Silent Shadows' 'Countess of Haddington' x lindleyi Colin Spicer
R. 'Southern Alps' Unknown Ilam Seedling Selected by Dr Melva Phillipson
R. 'Sovereign Gold' 'Crest' hybrid Mollie Coker; Alan Trott
R. 'Spearmint' 'Letty Edwards' x 'Faggetters Favourite' Mr F. Faletolu: Riverwood G
R. 'Spicer's Pink' yakushimanum x 'Mayday' R. Graham Petterson
R. 'Stoneycroft' macabeanum hybrid Joe Murdoch
R. 'Summer Cloud' yakushimanum x fortune Mrs Boswell